New construction, Non Ductile Concrete, Tilt Up concrete and Tenant Improvements



329 6th Ave.
Foundation underpinning, seismic strengthening and major structural/architectural improvements to three story residentail dwelling. 
2728 Hyde St.
Major structural renovation and tenant improvements to 4 story commercial building. New 3 level structural stair system, new interior improvements, mechanical, electrical pluming, fire safety, communications system upgrade. 
890 Hayes St.
Walden House (2012) 
Structural steel stairs replaced with new galvanised. Shop & field welding. 4 story building. Exterior paint and repair of rotten wood siding. Kitchen & cafeteria fully tiled.  
901 Balboa St.
New two story two unit residential dwelling. New foundation, framing, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, windows, garage, roof.
417 – 419 Hyde St.
Major structural & Tenant improvements of a 4 story residential building. Including new electrical, mechanical, roofing system.
2728 Hyde St.
(2007) & (2009)
Installation of several tenant improvements features throughout the 3 story building.
1151-1153 Geneva St.
New construction, 3-story commercial / residential building. New foundation, steel and wood framing, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, windows, waterproofing, garage, Spanish tiled roof.
1500 Valencia St.
Salvation Army Warehouse
Repair of wood floors. Install new handicap ramp. Install new complete 3-story elevator system.
512 2nd St.
Installation of a new 4-story elevator system, mechanical room and fire stair lobby for existing building.
460 Bryant St.
Construction of two structural steel billboards above roof top, 50’ wide by 35’ high each.
642 Harrison St.
Conversion of first floor of multi story building to parking. New floors, stairs, ramps, handicap restrooms.
640 Sutter St.
The Metropolitan Club
Patching Concrete ceiling & leveling concrete floor
of 7-story commercial building.
Presidio Golf Club
8 Presidio Terrace.
Design/build Club House handicap access provisions.
1691-1697 Mcallister.
Design/build 3 story Residential units foundation anchors and shear walls.
721 Filbert St.
Installation of a new handicap lift chair, ramp and electrical system.


2414 Telegraph Ave.
Seismic retrofit for 7 story commercial/residential building. Installed 26 new concrete micro piles each 40 feet deep; three new foundation grade beams; three shotcrete shear walls, two steel braced frames. Also provided major tenant improvements.


2644 Castro Valley Blvd.
Design/build 1 story retail  brick building seismic retrofit.


2051 Harrison St.
Tenant improvements for 14,000 SF commercial building.


4461 Peralta Blvd. 
Seismic Retrofit Design/build of 20,250 Sq. Feet retail-warehouse tilt-up building, per City of Fremont Tilt-up Ordinance. Wall anchors, seismic ties and sub-diaphragm ties designed & installed.


3695 Boyer Circle
 3695_Boyer_Circle_Lafayette Two story single family home. Major foundation underpinning and sub-floor re-framing, rat proofing, perimeter French Drains, brick chimney brace.


11 Throckmorton
El Paseo Restaurant.
 2 story restaurant building seismic retrofit.


3240-46 Telegraph Ave.
Seismic retrofit and major interior renovation of two plus mezzanine story mix use residential live work/retail building. Installed new roof, new steel moment frame and foundation, new wall to roof and floor anchors, ceiling and wall fire and sound proofing.
2923 Adeline St.
Design/build tenant improvements for large 1 story building into several units.
210 Hegenberger Loop.
Design/Build Seismic retrofit of 30,000 sq. feet tilt-up building.
6050 Lowell St.
Design/build 1 story retail tilt up seismic retrofit.
1078 60th St.
Floor addition and Voluntary seismic retrofit.


210 Washington St.
Design/build Seismic Retrofit, façade preservation & Tenant improvements of three story commercial building.


164-168 Marco Way.
Seismic retrofit of 1 story tilt up building.